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  • 01:35 Real Imaging

    Real Imaging

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    Real Imaging's vision is to be in the forefront of the fight against breast cancer, providing a game changing technology. MIRA utilizes dual-head proprietary Structured Light Projection Infrared imaging technology to construct 3-D vascular maps of the bre

  • 03:10 Popular Exclusive interview of Alon Kapel, Director of Sales from CNOGA Medical

    Exclusive interview of Alon Kapel, Director of Sales from CNOGA Medical

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    Alon Kapel, director of sales from CNOGA Medical, has been interviewed by INNONATION at the 2nd China-Israel Investment Summit. He showed us the main product of CNOGA, and talked about the CNOGA's situation in Chinese market. Alon said, it was the highest

  • 03:05 Popular CommuniTake


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    CommuniTake delivers a game-changing mobile end-point protection and support platform. We integrate a specially-manufactured mobile device, custom-built security-rich OS, encrypted communications, infused command center, and security apps to provide organ

  • 01:53 Popular Credorax


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    Credorax is a Merchant Acquiring Bank specializing in cross-border e-commerce payments. A Fintech company turned into an MFSA-licensed European commercial bank, Credorax was awarded Best European Merchant Acquirer of 2015 for its centralized payment platf

  • 02:01 Popular CypherLoop


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    Cypherloop provides unbreakable end-to-end privacy for mobile voice and text communications. We use Smartphones in our daily lives to exchange sensitive information, whether commercial or personal, with no guarantees that security will be preserved. Corpo

  • 02:16 Popular DiACardio


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  • 02:21 Popular DoubleYou


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    DoubleYou platform knows how to connect to any existing mobile game and make it a challenge between friends: Who gets the better score in the next 24 hours? Who gets to the higher level within 3 tries? DoubleYou ( turns every personal

  • 02:23 Popular DOV-E


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    DOV-E Ltd. (Data Over Voice encoding) offers a unique (PCT - patent pending) software IP technology supporting data transmission over any type of voice network. DOV-E provides low cost, secure and frictionless mobile payment & engagement solutions for

  • 02:39 Popular EcoTech


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    With industry leadership in two major areas Ecotech is poised to launch a disruptive business that promises significant global growth; manufacturing and selling one of the world's most in-demand commodities, raw rubber.

  • 01:21 Popular Way2VAT Final

    Way2VAT Final

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    WAY2VAT is a Fintech B2B2E application, which aims to change the way VAT is reclaimed when companies do business in foreign countries. We’ve transformed a complicated, tedious, and highly bureaucratic process to a simple seamless one that will incre

  • 01:51 Popular Amnis - Lifesaving Endovascular Technologies

    Amnis - Lifesaving Endovascular Technologies

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    Amnis Therapeutics is an Israeli bio-med engineering company, specializes in developing, manufacturing and marketing of lifesaving endovascular technologies for emergency situations. The company’s portfolio and future pipeline of products focus on b

  • 01:58 Popular Anima - Control The Production Of Proteins

    Anima - Control The Production Of Proteins

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    Anima Biotech's platform enables discovering drugs to many severe diseases. Our technology enables the visualizing and controlling the production of the target proteins in a disease, even those that are considered.